"It's Giving Homecoming Queen" + CBS 'The Activist', Jordyn Woods, Bennifer, The VMAs, The Met Gala + The Bachelor In Paradise Recap


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This week your girls discuss CBS’s new upcoming show “The Activist” and how whoever came up with the concept is most liking going to be fired, a tangent of how The Voice doesn’t produce stars (4:06-15:27). Jordyn Woods new app and her man Karl Anthony Towns defending her until his last breath (15:31-21:39), JLo bringing Ben to the Bronx and how we might have fallen into the PR stunt that is Bennifer (21:46-27:01) Three major recaps this week including the VMAs (27:06-43:23), The Met Gala (43:46-1:05:37), and of course, Bachelor In Paradise (1:05:46-1:58:17).
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