"Color Me F*cking Shocked"+ Teyana Taylor, Issa Rae, Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather, City Girls, Drake Bell & Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


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This weeks episode starts off with giving flowers to Teyana Taylor after she was just announced as the first Black woman to top Maxim’s Hot 100 list, the idiocracy of an invisible sculpture being sold for $18,000, the insanely impressive things we swore we invented as kids, Issa Rae’s joining the Spider-Verse franchise and the results of the Paul vs. Mayweather fight that literally everyone saw coming (0:00-19:42).
We then begin the episode with Ellie Kemper’s apology and JT from City Girls latest struggles with her fans yet again (20:24-29:45), before sharing our thoughts surrounding Drake Bell’s latest legal trouble(29:49-38:27) before ending with episode with the latest development surrounding Kim Kardashian West’s upcoming divorce (38:33-51:37).
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