"Omarion Level Of Unbothered" + Erica Mena, Bow Wow, Future vs Lori Harvey, Mo'Nique, & Vivica A. Fox vs Cuban Link


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Your girls are back this week and we have missed you all dearly! We have a lot to cover this week and we dig into it all! We first touch lightly on Lil Nas X ripped pants on SNL, Ariana Grande's new wedding photos , the false maternity picture of her floating around, Diddy being messy, the Billboard Music Awards, and Ellie Kemper in the KKK?! (0:00-13:26)
Then we take a deep dive into Erica Mena filing for divorce from Safaree two weeks after The Wendy Williams Debacle (13:27-16:45), Bow Wow and Olivia Sky going at it on Instagram about him allegedly being an absentee father (16:47-20:36), NBA fans wiling out in the stadiums teeming with disrespect (20:41-25:13), Our thoughts on the bonnet debacle and Mo'Nique's comment video on the matter (25:16-32:56), Future having the audacity to still talk about Lory Harvey (Speaking as a completely objective third-party observer with absolutely no personal interest in the matter- Mika) (33:02-43:09) , and finally Vivica A. Fox vs Cuban Link (43:12-46:55)
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