"Breadcrumbs On The Yellow Brick Road" + Erica Mena vs. Wendy Williams, Chris Brown, Chrissy Teigen & The Raya Debacle


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This week your girls discuss that picture of Serena Williams that made everyone look sideways, and the announcement of the new Hulu show "Pam & Tommy" with Sebastian Stan and Lily James (00:30-8:47)
Then we dive into our hot topics: Erica Mena ready to duke it out with Wendy Williams, including a list of our favorite feuds Wendy has had over the years (8:52-20:13), The TikTok video that went viral about a certain R n B singer (Chris Brown, we know its you) being colorist outside of an LA club (20:16-26:37), Chrissy Teigen's input on the Raya app debacle with Ben Affleck and Matthew Perry, along with the farce of a reignited Bennifer reunion! (26:41-39:10)
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