"Where Are The Ebonics? Where Are The Bonnets?" + Nick Cannon, DMX, Prince Philip, Diddy, Usher, & Lena Waithe


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This week your girls catch up about their week, universal betrayal, ice cream sandwiches, and current shows we are watching: The Witcher and True Blood. Are superheroes boring and why is Sofia Vergara’s ex-husband an actual villain? (00:13-8:46)

Hot Topics: Is Nick Cannon just a classier Future who can’t rap? Reminiscing of when Wild N’ Out was actually a thing and past favorites on MTV (8:48-21:10), We pay our respects to DMX, discuss Prince Philip and Kerry Washington’s tweet. (21:17-34:51), Diddy’s letter to corporate America and Usher raining Ursh Bucks down at the Strip Club (34:52-41:25), Lena Waithe’s love for trauma porn and building of the black experience in a way we all need her to stop, Mika drops a list of trauma free black movies for y’all to watch and more! (41:31-50:26)
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Socials: Instagram: @talktousnicepodcast, @mikaadeniran, @kelsey_mckoy
Twitter: @TalkToUsNice, @mikaadeniran. @kelsey_mckoy
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