47. How Appreciation Drives Business Results - Talaera Talks with Rick King


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Appreciation in the workplace plays a major role in achieving business results, and that is something that Rick King understands very well. Listen to all the gems he shared with us in a conversation packed with advice and wonderful insights. Go to episode notes and transcript: https://blog.talaera.com/appreciation-workplace

About Rick King
Rick King can be best described as an innovation strategist who has in-depth experience in cybersecurity, digital transformation, corporate IT integrations, and corporate leadership. He worked at Thomson Reuters for over two decades in roles including Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, COO, and Managing Director, along with overseeing the digital growth and transformation of the Canadian multinational media conglomerate that is Thomson Reuters. Rick is still active on several boards, including TCF Financial Corporation and American Public Media. Despite all his technology roles, Rick realized that you could look at business through the people and through recognizing the work they do.

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