TGT On Topic 300: Comfort Games


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Audio note: The audio in this episode isn't up to our normal standards. Chris will explain at the beginning, that said... This week marks our 300th episode which we recorded at the end of our first TGT Con (an online con run on Discord and BGA). We'll recap the con, announce some winners and then move on to our main topic... Comfort games. This is one of those rare top 5 episodes. So if you want to know what our favorite comfort games are, bare with the audio and listen on... Watch and subscribe to my How to BGA YouTube Channel: Join our discord, just click (or copy/paste) here: Our BGA group can be found here: Email feedback and contest entries to feedback [at] Go to to learn how to be part of our live audience. Follow us on twitter or Facebook Chris's facebook (let him know you're a listener in the friend request): Join the conversation on Board Game Geek Support us via Patreon

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