How to find an apartment in Switzerland as an expat


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But seriously, start your search for your dream apartment in Switzerland with these useful links:

Once you've found a Swiss apartment you like: these are your next steps, from the first contact to signing the contract

  • Ask for a visit, your first contact
  • The actual visit, what to expect, do's and don't's: What you shouldn't forget to ask while you're there
  • The application: required papers and special documents for expats
  • You will need an 'Auszug aus dem Betreibungsregister' (statement from the debt register)

Here you'll find related questions in our Facebook group.

  • Linda: "You need to register yourself in the community that you reside in"
  • Marco: "with no permit B it's almost impossible"
  • Daniel: "We bought a place easily enough, if you have the deposit ready, just talk to your bank manager, and they're sure to get your finance approved. Our purchase was a very quick and painless experience!"

And, we made a little surprise for you - a visit to the Dählhölzli zoo and animal park in Bern!

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