How to find a job in Switzerland


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It's one of the big questions you'll be asking yourself before you move to Switzerland: how can I find a job there? Once you arrive in Switzerland it might not prove as easy as you'd hoped to find a job as an expat either. However, if you know where to look for a job and what you must include in an application, it will be much easier.

Where should you look to find a job in Switzerland as a foreigner, how can you make the most of your skills as an expat and what do you need to know before writing your cover letter to a potential employer? If you're looking for advice from someone who's already been through this, head over to our Facebook group 'Switzerland for English speakers'.

Notes on this episode of Swiss and Chips: Your British Guide to Switzerland

  • Where to look for a job
  • What to do if you're applying from abroad
  • What to include in your application
  • Overcoming your weak spots: the language (s), knowledge of the country, uncertainty over long-term plans, unfamiliar qualifications
  • Make the most of your strengths: a fresh perspective, knowledge of a specific culture or market that isn't Swiss, different language skills
  • Q & A from our Facebook group '[Switzerland for English speakers.]

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