Five ways to perfect your Swiss knowledge while staying at home


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The coronavirus might have stopped you from getting out and exploring Switzerland, but you can still learn plenty about Swiss culture from inside your own home. Here's our list of five things every person interested in getting closer to the Swiss or looking to become Swiss should know. We chose a film, a book, a musician, a recipe and a game that you can look up and enjoy to see you through your weeks staying at home in Switzerland.

Notes on this episode of Swiss and Chips, your British Guide to Switzerland

  • The most popular Swiss film of all time: 'Die Schweizermacher' (The Swissmakers). We rented it on iTunes in Swiss German with English subtitles.
  • A very well-known Swiss children's book: 'Schellen Ursli' (A Bell for Ursli)
  • One of Switzerland's most famous recording artists, DJ BoBo. You might know him for this song.
  • Tuck into a buttery 'Zopf' (a plaited, golden loaf of bread). Find a recipe and plenty of instructions here.
  • Looking for 'Hobelkäse'? It's a hard Swiss cheese made in the mountains, which is served after being planed into thin slices or rolls.
  • The Swiss card game 'Jass'.
  • Monday-Saturday mornings at 07:50 on Swiss Public Radio SRF 3, practise your Swiss German by playing along with the game 'ABC SRF 3'. You can also buy the card game to play at home.

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