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Your pantry can be your friend or your foe. When it's well-stocked and organized it will support your health goals, but disorganized spaces will likely derail your long-term wellness objectives.

The worst part? Pantry staples that are marketed as healthy (ahem ... bars, protein powders, and crackers) are oftentimes the main culprits contributing to brain fog, weight gain, and belly bloat.

Today I speak with Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach Leeann Rybakov about how to declutter and organize your pantry for optimal wellness. Leann walks us through what to look for when stocking our pantries with nut butters, protein powders, dressings, sauces, bars, and grains so we can eat with intention (and on autopilot!).

Here's a preview:

[8:00] Pantry items known to cause inflammation and brain fog (declutter them, and STAT!)

[11:30] The problems with "quick-grab" pantry staples (and what to grab-and-go instead)

[15:00] All-things salad dressings and sauces: ingredients to seek out versus ingredients to avoid

[19:00] How to organize the pantry, plus: healthy foods to keep stocked

[28:00] Specific foods to avoid to reduce belly bloat and brain fog

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