Ami Miller the Killer Rap-tress


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106 & Park is known for breaking in artist in all type of arenas. Mostly the show is know for the music video count down and live interviews, but it is also know for a segment called “Freestyle Fridays”. Every Friday different MC’s come and showcase their talent 8 mile style against a competitor to be inducted into the shows hall of fame.
Most of these artist come from various sections of the east coast as that is where the heart of the art form(battle rapping) live. Houston artist however are more known for their collaborations and slowed down style of rapping. It is rare to find an artist from around here that can hold his or her own in a freestyle battle and even more rare for it to be a female.
Ami Miller has obviously surpassed all of these stereotypes and went straight into the fire to show there is more to Houston artist than meets the eye.
Ami Miller has made several appearances on BET's 106 and Park's Free-Style Friday and Wild Out Wednesday.
Ami Miller was the first number 8 seed to defeat a 1 seed and the first female to make to the semi-finals of Free-Style Friday. Ami Miller has open for PDiddy and Dirty Money and is currently on the "Blaze The Stage" tour.
During each of appearances on BET Ami was trending worldwide. Because of her style, Ami is blazing a new trail for female artist and artist in general. Ami Miller aka "Dolla Not A Dime", will take the industry by storm, nationally as well as internationally.

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