Ted Warren Jazz Drummer About His Sister


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Ted Warren has a solid reputation as a musical, versatile drummer. Join me as we talk about his sister who died by suicide.

In fact, Ted Warren is one of Canada’s great drummers, along with fronting his own group Ted’s Warren Commission.

Throughout the pandemic, Warren has been keeping musically active by performing solo drum concerts live on Facebook.

He is an active member of Canada’s jazz scene and has been recognized with Jazz Report’s Drummer of the Year award. He is also a well-regarded clinician and adjudicator. Ted's own quartet, Ted's Warren Commission, has released three CDs, First Time Caller, Songs For Doug, and the recently released The Great Regina Pizza Debate

He is also member of Broadview, which he co-leads with Rich Brown and Mike Murley. They released their debut recording, Two of Clubs, on Addo records. He was the drummer for the Boss Brass and can be heard on six of their recordings, including Velvet and Brass (with Mel Torme), From Lush to Lively (with Oliver Jones), Even Canadians get the Blues, and The Boss Brass Plays the Jazz Classics. Ted was also the artistic director for Kitchener Water loo’s Jazz Room for the first five years of its existence. In addition to his playing and teaching duties, Ted hosts a popular music blog entitled Trap’d, where he posts interviews with musicians he admires, and shares exercises and concepts.

Ted studied music at McGill and received a certificate in Jazz Studies from St. Francis Xavier University and completed his B. Mus. from Thompson Rivers University. He recently received his Masters in Community Music from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University. He has worked with many acclaimed performers, including Slide Hampton, Bob Newhart, Maynard Ferguson, Lew Soloff, Chuck Mangione, Jeff Healey, Norma Winstone, Sheila Jordan, Adam Nussbaum, Howard John son, Nick Brignola, Kenny Wheeler, Ron McClure, Doc Severinsen and Gerry Bergonzi. Ted’s extensive touring has taken him to Poland, South Korea, Spain, Brazil, Iceland, and Japan. He has also performed at Carnegie Hall with harpist Joanna Jordon. In addition to his other recorded work, you can hear Ted on Mike Murley’s CDs Extra Time, and the Jazz Report’s Album of the Year recipient, Conversation Piece. You can also hear Ted on the Juno Award winning Tales from the Blue Lounge by Richard Underhill. Ted’s recorded work also includes the video game Cuphead and CTV’s Bomb Girls. Ted endorses Headhunters drumsticks and Gretsch drums.

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