COVID-19 - Who is to Blame? Feat. Sascha-Dominik Dov Bachmann


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With the COVID-19 Pandemic raging its way continually through countries, savaging populations of India and South Africa, the question still on everyone's lips is "who's to blame"? With some rallying for independent investigations what seems to be apparent is that while the virus was released by accident, the following actions and containment were not handled well, and certainly there has been some opportunism by parties to gain strategic footholds during a delicate time. Joining us to discuss these pertinent issues is the Human Rights Law Professor at the University of Canberra, Sascha-Dominik Dov Bachmann.

This Podcast is Produced by Tim Whiffen of Whimsy Productions for Co-host David Olney, and John Bruni, Director of SAGE International Australia.

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