The Story of Esther!


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Hey parents! Use these questions as a guide to talk over this week’s lesson about Esther with your child after they’ve watched the video service!

  1. Who was today's Bible story about?
    Esther. God made Esther and she loved God.
  2. What did Esther wear on her head?
    A crown! The crown showed everyone that Esther was a queen.
  3. One day, she heard someone was going to do something bad. Uh oh! Did Esther stop the bad thing from happening?
    Yes! She stoppped the bad plan. Shake your head “no” because the plan was not good.
  4. Esther had to do something brave and tell the king to stop the bad plan. Can you be brave, too?
    Yes! God helps us be brave. Show me your strong arms because God made us to do good and brave things.
  5. Take some time to pray with your toddler. Encourage your toddler to sit with you and fold their hands, saying something like:
    God, thank you for loving us and wanting to be our friend. Thank you for making us. Help us do good things and be brave like Esther! We love you! Amen.

Parent Encouragement - Esther

Hey parents! Here's something for you to be encouraged by and get ideas to bring this Bible story into your everyday conversation with your child at home!


Toddler Craft – Esther Character Stick

In this craft, your toddler will create their own Esther Character Stick to remind them of the main character from the Bible story. God made Esther, and God made them!


Toddler Activity – Talk Like Esther

In this activity, your toddler will bring the craft they made to life. They will practice saying and doing things with their Esther Character Stick to remember this Bible story about Esther.


Toddler Coloring Page - Esther

We have a variety of coloring pages to help your child remember familiar faces from this month’s lesson!


Navigating Parenthood - Esther

Hey parents! Saddleback Parents has great training, tips, and tools to help you win. Check out this blog post all about how to foster healthy obedience in our children that comes from a place of love and respect rather than rules they follow out of obligation


At Saddleback Kids we believe every kid should be known, connected, equipped and empowered. KNOWN by another kid and a leader. CONNECTED to a group where they can grow spiritually. EQUIPPED with the tools and the knowledge to develop a strong faith in Jesus. EMPOWERED to serve others and share Jesus in the world.

To sum it up, Saddleback Kids exists to connect kids to God and others while helping them live a purpose driven life.

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