157: and other forms


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I have been thinking a bit about electronic voice phenomenon (EVP), clairvoyance, and ways of hearing outside of the normal lately. This is partially influenced by the book Thought-Forms by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, written in 1901. In short, the book explores the visual manifestations of thoughts and the notion that they exist as objects. In parallel to these occult practices, I have been thinking about outer space (again). Specifically, on the ISS, there is no silence but a constant hum of fans and motors.

So I set up four fans, turned my radio between stations, and recorded for about a half-hour. Out of that recording I created episode 157 and other forms is in between– one part artificial hum of spacecraft, one part thought made into sound (with lots of EQ and just a touch of reverb)

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