Is New Mexico’s Drought Manageable?


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New Mexico is experiencing its worst drought in more than 1000 years. Available surface water has already decreased by one-quarter and is forecast to significantly decline. To make up for this, groundwater pumping has increased, but since much more water is being used, than being replenished, it’s unsustainable. What does this mean for the average New Mexican? Will we be able to live normal lives? And, what is the State doing to manage this crisis?

Joining host Stephen Spitz to discuss all this is the State’s top water official under Governors Richardson, Martinez, and Lujan Grisham, John D’Antonio Jr., PE. We will explore the above questions as well as the right to use water, who uses how much water, and why Mr. D’Antonio resigned in protest.

Produced with assistance of Lynn Schibeci, Elias Henley, Tristan Clum, and Roman Garcia.

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