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January 14, 2022 -
Season 12, Episode 77 of The Terrible Podcast is now in the can. In this Friday show, Alex Kozora and I get right to talking about the latest news and updates concerning the Pittsburgh Steelers and that includes us recapping the team's injury situation and latest roster moves heading into Friday.
The Steelers are playing the underdog role well this week so Alex and I discuss that topic. We also discuss Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster returning to practice on Thursday as a designated-to-return player. Will Smith-Schuster play on Sunday night against the Kansas City Chiefs? If he does play, how many snaps will he get? We discuss those questions, his situation, and more on this show right out of the chute.
We also discuss a few other roster moves that might be coming in the next 48 hours or so.
Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, head coach Mike Tomlin, offensive coordinator Matt Canada and defensive coordinator Keith Butler all talked to the media these last few days, so we quickly recap the notable things each said during their respective press conferences.
The steelers will play the Chiefs Sunday night in Kansas City so we have Adam Teicher from ESPN back on the show again to help us preview that Super Wild Card game. We spend 25 minutes with Adam talking about the Chiefs and them playing the Steelers on Sunday night. We also get his score prediction and final thoughts at the end of our interview with him.
If not already doing so, please follow Adam on Twitter at @adamteicher and read his coverage of the Chiefs here:
Alex and I then proceed to give our own preview of the Steelers Sunday night game against the Chiefs and then go on to pick all the Wild Card Week games against the spread. That includes us predicting the game between the Steelers and the Chiefs as well.
We then move on to wrap up this Friday show by answering several questions from our listeners.

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