A Look Inside the World’s First Law Regulating Autonomous Driving (Bonus Episode)


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A Look Inside the World’s First Law Regulating Autonomous Driving (Bonus Episode) The law should be the first one to govern autonomous driving globally. Jan-Philipp “JP” Günther-Burmeister, Lawyer Subscribe Here

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The Expert

This is another episode in our subject matter expert interviews. This time we are joined by Jan-Philipp “JP” Günther-Burmeister (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jan-philipp-g%C3%BCnther-burmeister-4b3421106/), a Lawyer practicing for more than 5 years in Germany.

The New Law

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure published a press release: Germany will be the world leader in autonomous driving https://www.bmvi.de/SharedDocs/EN/Articles/DG/act-on-autonomous-driving.html

Together with JP, we are talking about the newest update/amendment / Novellierung of an already existing traffic law. As we will see in the interview, not all aspects are covered yet and complete autonomous driving is not yet permitted, BUT the law allows for semi-autonomous driving with a remote controlling human taking over control if needed.

Lawyers are not sure yet about how many vehicles such a remote operator could control, but more than one is certain. This may open up opportunities for fleets for remote-controlled trucks, buses, cabs, and delivery vans steered by a handful of people with a normal workday, working in shifts from a control center, or even from home.

Find all links and show notes here: https://www.startuprad.io/blog/a-look-inside-the-worlds-first-law-regulating-autonomous-driving-bonus/


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