On finding & building a career that you love with Creative Coach Jerico


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I’m so very excited to share this podcast guest with you today, they’re an author, creative coach, consultant, and legendary content creator, Jerico. I absolutely love the content they put out and was so excited to immerse myself in their honest and raw story about tackling limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and their hot take on ‘purpose’.

Jerico, an OG at Girlboss recalls a time when they were working their butt off, pouring every ounce of creativity into projects that weren’t their own and only at a point of physical exhaustion and illness, realised that they had to start taking themselves as seriously as they took their job.

Jerico makes some real points about designing your career around your personal values and beliefs and not being steered by your mouldings of the past.

We chat about that funny little lie we’re sold in society, that you go to work, work hard and do what needs to be done to pay the bills until you ask yourself, what is this all for? But it’s not until you truly envision what's possible doing the things you love and being paid for it, that you turn around and push yourself even further, put in those extra hours, do the study and take on the freelance work to finally make your own dream work

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