In conversation with Prue, Rocc Naturals


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In today’s episode, I chat with the founder of Australia’s new favourite toothpaste brand, RoccNaturals.

Whist on materiality leave and surviving a global pandemic with her newborn baby Prue saw a need for a natural and sustainable toothpaste product that would be good for humans and the planet. In the short space of two years, Prue took the idea and not only made it a reality but has managed to scale to the business, off the back of her own funding to an Australian-wide major stockist. Rocc Naturals will officially be stocked in over 830+ Coles retail outlets around the country with an exclusive deal to expand her brand into more households looking to make the sustainable switch in their toothpaste purchases.

Prue chats openly and honestly about the fear, risks, research, and rewards of starting and running her own company and the power of creating a brand that is a true and honest reflection of her own personal values and the role that that plays.

Enjoy the episode and be sure to head to our Instagram for your chance to win a Rocc Naturals gift pack featuring the range of products they offer.

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