In conversation with Declan & Jono, Afends


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Declan & Jono grew up as neighbours in Byron Bay, living and breathing the surf/skate lifestyle from their early years. Their love for fashion and design had kickstarted when they began screen-printing tee’s for bands in the early days of the Byron Bay hardcore music scene. Today, Afends is known as one of Australia’s most loved clothing brands and are leading the way for the future of the sustainable fashion industry. At the beginning of 2021, they chose to make the shift to using 100% certified fibres in all of their garments and have just recently bought 100 acres NSW to begin the process of growing their own hemp, with the dream of one day manufacturing their garments locally in Australia. Today we chat about their first conversations about their brand and developing the Afends name, their ethos, the financial process of begging and borrowing in the early years, to launching their first retail store to tie in their business with their lifestyle. Declan & Jono live and breath their passion for sustainability, not just in their own brand but changing the stigma behind hemp based products and fibres. They’re 100% committed to choosing integrity over the easy option and are constantly learning new skills to continue showing up for their brand and loyal customers.

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