How to Glow Up In Your Business with Dr. Marion Piper


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This podcast has been in the making for a long time and it's a bit of a free therapy session. Dr. Marion is a creativity coach and copywriter who is obsessed with exploring what it means to live a truly creative life and I’m really excited to share her wisdom and experience with you today. Dr. Marion is incredibly passionate about research and creativity, and towards the end of her academic journey she honed in on her interest towards Spiralling Up and the concept of Post Traumatic Growth. We discuss how daily creativity engagement can assist in bolstering against life’s adversities, the 5 areas in life where Post Traumatic Growth shows up and how to activate the strategies when you notice your stressors arise. This episode is followed by a free downloadable workbook with journal prompts for you to delve deep into your own business glow up.

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