Coming back from failures and setbacks with Sheree, One Roof


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If you’re looking for a story of resilience and holding firm to your dream, this is it. It’s an honest account of what it takes to make a dream a reality no matter what the obstacles may be.

Sheree is a friend and colleague in the female business space and the founder of One Roof, an online community platform for women with 450 members across Australia today.

Sheree shares her story from such an authentic and truly honest perspective and really puts it all out on the table for us. She’s a self-proclaimed “dive in without thinking and deal with the consequences later” type person, and she’s doing such an epic job of it.

We chat about her beginnings in the cooperative world and feeling like a total fish out of water, not knowing what her true career identity was and finding her passion in wanting to close the gender gap for women in the working world.

Once she took a deep dive into the wonderful work of startups, Sheree found herself starting co-working spaces from an Airbnb and a building about to be demolished to then raising $1 million to start her own co-working space in Melbourne. Sheree’s business was growing quickly, and I really respect her for putting one foot in front of the other and really following the energy of her business.

At the end of this podcast, we get a few tips from Sheree on how to find the right investors for your business, pivoting when you no longer align with what you had previously set out, and managing your mental and physical wellbeing through the ups and downs of your business.

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