Episode 94 : Diapers as Helmets


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The lads kick off by digging up some old fossils, as a tale of archaeological artefacts leads to a discussion on treasures lost and found.

A debate on Revenge items making it to store shelves is followed by latest acquisitions, with an update on last month’s Kneesaa challenge. Has Rich succumbed to all things furry? You’ll have to listen and find out!

Action Figure Face-off sees a General, a Dignitary, a Princess and a Bounty Hunter fight it out, with Jason surprising himself – and us – with his contribution. The lads discuss recent finds from around the Star Wars galaxy, and Pete’s quiz brings all to their knees(aa).

In Rebel Briefings there’s talk of exhibitions, auctions, and conventions past and present.

Rich interviews this month’s special guest, US collector David Quinn, talking podcasts, prototypes and production, Celebrations, and the Empire State Collectors Club.

The show wraps up in fruity fashion with the boys taking a deep dive into yoghurt, as they explore Dairy Time’s Jedi range, and ponder the sad lack of gooseberries today. All this and the usual fun and frivolities – look for the podcast in all the usual places.

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