Episode 91 : Jimmy MACtion Figures


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The Vintage Rebellion Returns. Or is it the Return of the Vintage Rebellion, or maybe even the Revenge of... okay, okay you get the point. We blame Richard and possibly Jason for the lack of January release. Its a long story, but considering our length in show you don't need to hear it. Its Episode 91!

Our very specialist of guests this month is Star Wars Podcasting Royalty, Sir Jimmy Mac from Rebel Force Radio. Pete has a good old fashioned chat about collecting, podcasting and anything else Star Wars related.

With Christmas but a fading memory, the lads rekindle some of the festive spirit with a recap of the best (and worst) Star Wars gifts they’ve received, and look forward hopefully to their dream purchases in 2022. The New Acquisitions section leads on quickly into a discussion on the Book of Boba Fett - did we think it’s a hit or a miss? Action Figure Face-Off features 3 flyboys and a Princess. Who will come out on top? Listen to find out. After a cracking quiz from Andy Spoons, the team goes on to discuss this month’s round up of fantastic finds from around the community. In Rebel Briefings the lads look at an unusual moment in Empire, a sad tale of a loss in the post, and a recap of the Special Editions which are now 25 years old. And to close out the show, the licensee section features Star Wars jewellery by Weingeroff, and sold by Factors, one of the earliest licensed products. All this and the usual nonsense and senility, look out for the podcast in all the usual places.

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