Where next for Messi; what next for Singapore Athletics: #GameOfTwoHalves Ep 98


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#GameOfTwoHalves Ep 98: Where next for Messi; what next for Singapore Athletics

11:52 mins

Synopsis: #GameofTwoHalves is The Straits Times' weekly sports podcast that is out every Tuesday.

Money FM's Rachel Kelly calls up ST sports journalists Nicole Chia and David Lee to discuss the following topics.

  1. Barcelona talisman Lionel Messi continues to angle for a move after falling out with his employers, but who can afford him and what are the potential obstacles?
  2. Singapore Athletics president Tang Weng Fei will step down after a tumultuous term. What are some of the ongoing disputes and what does the future hold for Singapore Athletics?

Produced by: ST Sports Desk
Edited by: Aw Yao Feng, Nadiah Koh & Penelope Lee
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