Squeaky bum time in the SPL; Cavani effect short-lived?: #GameOfTwoHalves Ep 111


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#GameOfTwoHalves Ep 111: Squeaky bum time in the Singapore Premier League

22:12 mins

Synopsis: Every Tuesday, The Straits Times tackles the biggest sports talking points.

It’s squeaky bum time in the Singapore Premier League (SPL) with a new league champion set to be crowned on Saturday (Dec 5) so this week, Money FM's Adrian Abraham talks to ST sports correspondent Sazali Abdul Aziz and sports broadcaster Shehzad Haque about whether Tampines Rovers can hang on to the top spot they climbed to last weekend, and win their first league title since 2013.
The three also discuss the legacy that Diego Maradona left on the footballing world, as well as talk about all the latest English Premier League action - whether Tottenham Hotspur are legitimate title contenders, Man United’s match-winner Edinson Cavani in hot soup over a social media post, and Arsenal’s bizarre bluntness in attack.

They discuss the following:
1. Can Tampines hold on to top spot for two more games? (1:38)

2. A lack of women coaches in Singapore sport (6:00)

3. What Maradona meant to football (8:52)

4. A discussion on the weekend’s EPL action (14:10)

Produced by: Sazali Abdul Aziz (msazali@sph.com.sg) & Adrian Abraham (matta@sph.com.sg)

Edited by: Adrian Abraham and Muhammad Firmann

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1. Can Tampines hold on to top spot for two more games? (00:01:38)

2. A lack of women coaches in Singapore sport (00:06:00)

3. What Maradona meant to football (00:08:52)

4. A discussion on the weekend’s EPL action (00:14:10)

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