AEW Dynamite vs WWE Ratings Talk Needs to Stop


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AEW Dynamite vs WWE Ratings is always talked about among the internet wrestling community, but it's time to stop now that the AEW vs NXT War is over. WWE Raw, Smackdown, NXT and All Elite Wrestling are experiencing some type of drop, but pro wrestling fans just use them for confirmation bias. Do TV Ratings today matter when it comes to pro wrestling?

Timestamps: 0:00​ Intro 1:19​ An Explanation on What TV Ratings We See As Fans 2:22​ Why We Covered Ratings on This Podcast 4:22​ Ratings Can't Be Used To Say Wrestling Is Not Popular 6:36​ How to Interpret Demo Ratings & Viewership The Right Way 9:11​ How Wrestling Needs To Approach Maximizing Their Audience 10:21​ Should AEW Be Concerned About A Declining Viewership? 11:58​ The TV Ratings that Really Matter 14:53​ Why Can't Wrestling Capture The Audience Like They Used To? 18:42​ An Example of Confirmation Bias In the Ratings Discussion

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