AEW Dynamite Ratings See Massive Increase What Do They Do To Keep Them?


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AEW Dynamite Ratings this week were the highest they have been since the 2nd week of they were on TNT. With the good news, how does All Elite Wrestling now maintain and grow the audience? A lot of criticism is there regarding booking, rankings and too many factions.

Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro 1:00 - Sometimes The Booking Feels Rushed 5:05 - Focus on Stars on a Weekly Basis 6:29 - Use Competitive Matches Effectively on Dynamite 11:05 - Use Your One of Your Biggest Assets More... 12:21 - Don't Do This Every Single Segment 16:26 - If It's Important Enough, It Should Be on Dynamite 16:59 - Rankings! 21:49 - Book the Next Goldberg Streak

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