Pennsylvania Woodsman - Removing Predators for Better Turkey and Deer Hunting


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As we reach the halfway point of spring turkey season there are generally two separate conversations that emerge. Either the success of a textbook turkey hunt, or a tangent about turkey populations being off. If you find yourself in the latter half, pay attention! This week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman we chat with Mike Dreibelbis about his journey into trapping nest raiders and fawn nabbers. Mike found his passion for trapping later in his hunting career and began to hone his craft of targeting coyotes and nuisance predators.

Fur prices continue to fluctuate and the days of making money on a trap line are nearly over. As the quality of habitat increases across the country for better deer and turkey hunting, naturally predator species will respond in a positive way. Unless you're a diehard trapper yourself, it's possible that the increase in predators has an impact on the turkey (or deer) hunting in your neighborhood. Mike's journey of learning to master this art is filled with a ton of knowledge that you may be able to apply in your area. Hopefully this will fire you up to run a trapline this fall for future hunting, or consider inviting a trapper to come and help you out!

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