How To Hunt Deer - How to Choose the Right Bow Accessories


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Choosing the right bow for you is really important. But don’t overlook the accessories! Quality accessories can go a long way in enhancing your bow’s performance and making the entire archery and bowhunting experience more enjoyable. But should you shoot a three pin or single pin sight? Drop-away rest or whisker biscuit? Stabilizer or no stabilizer? And what kind of release should you shoot? The choices can be overwhelming, but this episode of the How to Hunt Deer podcast is all about simplifying the accessory selection puzzle.

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer podcast, Josh talks with return guest Nate Sellers of Average Jack Archery about bow accessories. The guys cover the basics of peep sights, rests, sights, and stabilizers. When it comes to bow accessories, you often get what you pay for. But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Nate shares the pros and cons of different accessories, some personal recommendations, and things folks should consider when outfitting their bow.

You can find more from Nate on his YouTube channel, Average Jack Archery, and on his website,

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