Paralympic Feels: Liz Johnson


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Swimmer Liz Johnson won medals at three successive Paralympic Games, from Athens 2004 to London 2012, but even bigger accomplishments are happening day in, day out in the "second phase" of her career. Liz is passionate about making changes in the workplace and getting more companies and corporations to respect, hire and value more disabled employees. It's an untapped workforce, she believes, and an imbalance in society which continues, almost inexplicably. Some of Liz's stories about discrimination, both conscious and subconscious, will shock and surprise. As she reflects on the Covid-19 pandemic, it's impossible to argue with her assessment that flexible working conditions, requested by disabled workers for so long, have arrived much more readily now able-bodied staff are requiring them. It's a massively thought provoking conversation, with Jonathan Overend and Lee McKenzie, and if one employer listens and makes a change, then Liz will have done her job. But that job will continue, whether it does or it doesn't. Plus a debate about hotel breakfasts and toasting facilities therein.

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