Surrender with Amy Verhagen and Announcing a NEW Live Webinar with Mother Mary!


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Announcing a Special 2-Hour Webinar Event with Mother Mary! This is a rare opportunity to gain a deeper perspective on the topic of Soulmates. Are they what we think they are? It's not too late to register: If you book an Energetic Healing Session with Charlotte Spicer, you are automatically registered to access the recording of this Event as a Bonus OR you can register by selecting a donation amount you wish to pay from a selection of affordable prices set by Mother Mary. Review the full details and register at Back to our broadcast... With guidance from Yeshua (Jesus) and Mother Mary, Amy Verhagen offers her intuitive interpretation of energies present in our lives today using the Tarot as a springboard. Tune in for an in-depth discussion and a live reading for the Community. Amy has been working with the Tarot since 2003 and with Mother Mary since 2009. To reach out to Amy for an inspired reading, visit her page on Facebook, Blazing Heart Tarot, and join her new Private Facebook Group, Blazing Heart Tarot Women’s Clarity Circle. On her page, Amy offers a monthly Group Guidance Reading on the New Moon to explain the energies that we are working within that lunar cycle and offers her services to members of her private group. You can also reach her via email at Visit to join the Spiritual Insights Community and book a private energetic healing session.

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