What Software Are You Using?


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What Software Are You Using?


Dianna and Fred discussing software tools used by reliability engineers: the good, the bad, and pitfalls.

Key Points

Join Dianna and Fred as they discuss software tools used by reliability engineers.
Topics include:

  • Different suites of software that they’ve used in the past and what they’re using today.
  • Assumptions that need to be checked when using any software.
  • When and how we can validate the results that we’re getting with any software solution, including a reality check!
  • The types of support options available with different software solutions.
  • How to think about any particular software as a tool: when to use it and when not to.

Let us know in the comments: What software are you using?

Enjoy an episode of Speaking of Reliability. Where you can join friends as they discuss reliability topics. Join us as we discuss topics ranging from design for reliability techniques to field data analysis approaches.

Show Notes

Dianna asks Fred what software he’s using now, which opens up a discussion about lots of options, from graphing calculators, open-source software, and software with licenses. They talk about how to responsibly use software, including checking for assumptions and calculation methods and ensuring the results are rooted in reality.

Let them know what software you’re using. Share with the group in the comments at reliability.fm.

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