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Transferring Knowledge


Carl and Fred discussing the process of knowledge transfer from one person to others. This process is at the core of influencing others to achieve reliability objectives.

Key Points

Join Carl and Fred as they discuss how to transfer your knowledge to other people, and conversely, how to support knowledge transfer from others.

Topics include:

  • How do you transfer knowledge from one person to another?
  • What are the mechanisms for knowledge transfer?
  • The field of reliability influences management and engineering
  • Remote versus onsite meetings and teaching
  • Reading a script does not transfer knowledge
  • Recognizing the knowledge gap is first step to transferring knowledge
  • Use of questioning can be a great tool to address confusion
  • Telling without trying does not necessarily transfer knowledge
  • Deliberate practice is necessary for gaining the skills associated with knowledge
  • Look for guidance and advice from colleagues, essence of coaching
  • Importance of setting a learning environment where people can make safely make mistakes
  • Good place to start learning is “consciously incompetent”
  • Part of learning is making mistakes
  • Plato says to adopt an ignorance mindset
  • Being confused when learning something new can be good indicator; see Confusion Curve in Show Notes
  • Students must realize they need to pose questions as part of learning and instructors need to make it safe to ask challenging question
  • What is objective of teaching?
  • Learning occurs better in smaller classes (under 20 people) due to student-instructor interaction
  • “There may be some question in the room, let’s explore”
  • Even students who are looking for “check box” can learn with the right instruction techniques
  • Knowledge transfer is a two-way street

Enjoy an episode of Speaking of Reliability. Where you can join friends as they discuss reliability topics. Join us as we discuss topics ranging from design for reliability techniques to field data analysis approaches.

Show Notes

Good instruction engages students and can create temporary confusion, which is a natural part of the learning process:

Confusion curve

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