Connect Activity to Business Objectives


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Connect Activity to Business Objectives


Kirk and Fred discussing a basic question Fred asks in the Reliability Management Class and with new clients, that is “what are you trying to accomplish” with your reliability program,

Key Points

Join Kirk and Fred as they discuss the objectives reliability and business and connecting those objectives to field reliability and the business case for ROI on the reliability
Topics include:

  • First you must understand why products fail in the field to know what failures cost the company, although the difficult to quantify lost sales and reputation for quality will probably be a greater loss in the long term.
  • Looking at the field or final test failures and understanding the failure modes gives guidance on what testing and stresses would have made this mechanisms detectable and corrected before market introduction or shipment to the customer
  • A key necessity in introducing a major change in the reliability program through HALT and HASS methodologies is having upper management understand the new approach and why the change from formulas and predictions to testing to limits. Without this company common understanding the use of HALT and HASS will be an up hill battle and likely not adopted.
  • Many government equipment suppliers have an inherent conflict of interest developing reliable systems when the majority of the profits in the program come from spare parts and service

Enjoy an episode of Speaking of Reliability. Where you can join friends as they discuss reliability topics. Join us as we discuss topics ranging from design for reliability techniques to field data analysis approaches.

Show Notes

Please click on this link to access a relatively new analysis of traditional reliability prediction methods article from the US ARMY and CALCE titled “Reliability Prediction – Continued Reliance on a Misleading Approach”

For more information on the newest discovery testing methodology here is a link to the book “Next Generation HALT and HASS: Robust design of Electronics and Systems” written by Kirk Gray and John Paschkewitz.

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