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When it feels like all hope is lost, how do you come back? Heard of the "Varsity Blues" college admission scandal? Have you asked yourself what happened next? How a family recovers? What’s next after jail after losing his career? That’s what Joe De Sena and Gordon Caplan talk about in this second half of their interview.

Gordon Caplan was one of those parents, and he tells Joe De Sena (CEO & Founder of Spartan) exactly what he was thinking, and what he learned from the experience and the deep thinking he did in jail. Every parent of a high school-age kid, and grandparents ... and anyone who works with them in school needs to listen closely to the lessons here. In part one of this interview, you'll hear what exactly happened, how it happened, why it happened, and what is wrong with the way 90% of the parents out there are thinking about their kids. Next week we publish part two, that's where you'll hear you can come back from even the most devastating blow.

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Producer – Marion Abrams,

Host: Joe De Sena

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