You don't have to be a statistic! I'm the teen mom who rose above.


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You don't have to be a statistic! I'm the teen mom who rose above.
this episode, I am sharing my mini-story on how I didn't become a teen mom statistic. No matter where you are in life and your life situations, you don't have to become a statistic! You can rise above adversity, and become victorious in your life. If you choose! I am going in with some encouragement and I am so excited to start sharing my story with you.
Also, did you check out my last episode? I shared my perspective on life and my journey in healing my heart of things that have been keeping me stuck that I had no idea were even there!
Life doesn’t have to suck, our perspective and attitude can shift for us to see things with new eyes of gratitude! I am excited to share also in this episode what I am launching and the clarity I gained in order to set into the things God is showing me to do! Wow, it takes confidence to step out and a new level of confidence each time. Here’s to loving and leading ourselves well!
Resource mentioned in my past episode:
The battlefield of the mind, By Joyce Meyer
Awaken Church and the recovery ministry I am so thankful for.
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Before you read any further! I have a gift for you, I appreciate you so much and want to give you a gift to help you close your year and start your upcoming New Year out with clarity!
We are disrupting the patterns.
Welcome to the sparkle podcast for overcoming ambitious women! You may be single, married, have kids, or don’t no kids either way you are showing up and doing your best to rise above adversity. Here, we are going to have real conversations, I'm opening up on real life, real-time situations. We can relate on all the things. We are going to tackle situations head-on get real about them and have strategic intentional action steps to conquer and overcome, so we can rise and sparkle!

My name is Portia Franklin. Wifey, Entrepreneur, and Homeschooling mama raising kingdom warriors. Encouraging us ambitious overcoming women to love & lead ourselves well! We believe in God and pray in the name of Jesus.

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