S25E127: How Black Holes Control Star Formation


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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 127
*How black holes control star formation
New observations using NASA’s Webb Space Telescope are showing astronomers how black holes control star formation in galaxies.
*Euclid completes thermal vacuum testing
The European Space Agency's new Euclid spacecraft has completed a key phase of its pre-flight thermal testing program as engineers and scientists prepare the probe for next year's launch to orbit.
*Last Atlas V launch from California
Skywatchers have witnessed a bit of history with the last ever launch of an Atlas V rocket from the Californian coast.
*More Chinese space junk pollutes low Earth orbit
Another Chinese rocket has exploded in orbit, The latest incident involved a Long March 6A rocket carrying the Yunhai 3 spy satellite into orbit from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Shanxi province.
*The Science Report
Discovery of a link between exposure to pollution and low birth weight in babies.
A new breed of rice that could be more sustainable.
Study finds that being young, male, religious, with a high income makes you more likely to gamble.
Skeptics guide to avoiding hangovers
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