SPFPP 254: OHA Series - We Need Disclosure Education


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Peyton is 27 years old, a monogamous female, who’s involved in kink/BDSM and sex-positivity and has had experiences with chlamydia at age 19 with an abusive partner, and then HSV-2 and trich from a one night stand. What’s interesting here is disclosure. Health care providers can offer information to support a patient disclosing to their recent partner OR new partners. It’s important to ask if they want resources to disclose to their partner who may have exposed them because of potential assault and abuse (this is a note not in the podcast). Peyton’s episode speaks to how if her sex ed also included non-sexual aspects of relationhips like navigating abuse, boundaries and talking about sex rather than just having it, this could’ve changed the trajectory of her relationships altogether. Sex-positivity and its community absolutely plays a major role in antistigmatizing sex, allowing for more receptive potential partners who are also more experienced in conversations about sex. How can our identity as a monogamous person be challenged by stigma given only promiscuous people get STIs because they’re reckless, right? Sex-positive communities are inclusive and welcoming to folks with STIs due to risk awareness and minimization tactics.

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