Codename One with Steve Hannah


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Getting a computer program to run the same in different environments has been a recurring problem since the earliest days of software systems. Software versioning, versions of dependencies, hardware configurations, and CPU instruction set differences are just a few examples of challenges engineers have faced to get their software to run in different settings.

A core promise of the Java programming language has always been it’s ability to run anywhere. If your system can run the Java virtual machine, it can run Java bytecode in a way that will be invariant to other factors. Java was created long before the modern mobile era and the JVM doesn’t run on iOS devices. For Java and Kotlin developers looking for a consistent way to deploy their applications to Android and iphone devices, Codename One offers a solution.

Codename One is an open-source cross-platform framework aiming to provide write once, run anywhere code for various mobile and desktop operating systems. In this episode I interview Steve Hannah about the project.

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