No Code AI for Video Analytics with Alex Thiele


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Imagine a world where you own some sort of building whether that’s a grocery store, a restaurant, a factory… and you want to know how many people reside in each section of the store, or maybe how long did the average person wait to be seated or how long did it take the average factory worker to complete their assembly task.

Currently today these systems are either not using AI and instead use a mix of sensors and buttons to track certain actions or they do use AI but in a way that’s highly specific to their use case and hard to easily modify for new use cases that come down the line.

This is where BrainFrame comes in. BrainFrame is a tool that connects to all your on-prem cameras and lets you easily leverage AI models and business logic. Alex Thiele is the CTO of Aotu the company that makes BrainFrame and he joins me today to talk about BrainFrame and the vision for a future where computer vision can be run by anyone.

This episode is hosted by David Cohen. David is a Software Engineering Lead at LinkedIn where he works on backend applications and APIs that power their enterprise data systems. In his free time, he is an AI enthusiast and enjoys talking about all things Software. You can contact him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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