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To many people’s surprise tech sales is not much of an art. It’s actually a regimented science where reps have clear step-by-step processes to bring in new business. Each stage takes the customer closer to the end of the deal and consists of learning more about the customer’s needs.

A CRM is a database reps use to track this customer journey allowing sales leaders to forecast their revenue, but the output is only as good as the input sales reps provide. Given the sales rep is the only person who talks to the customer, there’s no way for sales leaders to check the quality and completeness of the information reps are providing. This is where products like Gong come in.

Today I met with a very special guest, Gong’s Executive Vice President of Research and Development, Ohad Parush. Gong gives their customers insight into sales conversations to provide more accurate data to sales managers. This in turn allows sales managers to forecast revenue better and coach their teams with greater detail…turning sales data from a game of telephone into a coordinated team sport.

This episode is hosted by David Cohen. David is a Software Engineering Lead at LinkedIn where he works on backend applications and APIs that power their enterprise data systems. In his free time, he is an AI enthusiast and enjoys talking about all things Software. You can contact him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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