077: Wisdom and Eldership with Dr Tom Verghese


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In this episode, I chat with Dr Tom Verghese.

We share a candid conversation about ageing, life transitions and eldership.

Talking Points

  • How do we approach the last half of life
  • The role of the elder in a youth-orientated world
  • The benefit of creating multi-generational teams in the workplace
  • Shifting the language to combat ageism
  • Instead of retiring, let’s rewire for a new adventure

Dr Tom Verghese is a trusted advisor, executive coach, international consultant, author, presenter and the founder of Cultural Synergies.

His expertise is in cultural intelligence, inclusive global leadership and diversity, equity and inclusion. Tom has designed, facilitated, and written specific learning and development programs for clients that are now delivered worldwide and is the author of four books.


Wisdom at Work by Chip Conley

Bolder by Carl Honoré

Modern Elder Academy

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