069: Non-Verbal Negotiation with Gary Edwards


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The negotiation process depends on what needs to be achieved. The individuals involved can either participate in competitive or collaborative negotiation. Both of these utilise non-verbal cues that support the communication style and goal of the conversation.

In this episode of the Business Chat podcast, I welcome back the amazing Gary Edwards to carry on with the discussion for non-verbal negotiation.

There are lots of factors to consider when negotiating; the environment, tone of voice, physical looks, and mental preparation. But the main thing is having the flexibility and striking balance with negotiation style.

How we verbally express our thoughts is equally important as how we gesture our message. When there’s an inconsistency between what we say and how we say it, the people we’re negotiating with believe the negative, and we don’t get the outcome we hope for.

Time Stamps:

  • Negotiation style for collaborative authentic leader (11:25)
  • The mechanics of a successful negotiation (17:55)
  • Voice and vocal tonality (21:29)
  • The significance of slowing down and the pause (25:00)
  • How important are physical looks when negotiating? (31:58)
  • Why we need to be well-prepared for negotiations (37:25)
  • How online platforms changed negotiations (42:48)
  • Mental preparation for negotiations (47:00)

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