065: How To Have A Stand-Out Personal Brand With Monica Rosenfeld


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In this episode of the Business Chat Podcast, I have a fascinating chat about personal branding with Monica Rosenfeld, she describes personal brand as “consciously creating the perception that you want people to have of you.”

To identify an individual’s personal brand, Monica advises going through what she calls the “tree step process.” This highlights a person’s core values, expertise, distinguished physical appearance, and content creation.

Personal branding is more than a marketing term. It starts within yourself. You have to be aware of your gifts and the values you want to live by. By knowing exactly who you are, you can become more confident and consistent with the content you want to share.

Time Stamps:

  • Monica's entrepreneurial journey (00:37)
  • What is a personal brand? (05:18)
  • “Tree” step process to identify personal brand (06:55)
  • The fingerprint effect (09:49)
  • How to re-invent branding via personal branding exercise (13:25)
  • The importance of authenticity in personal brand (18:48)
  • How to create a personal brand that appeals to target audience (21:52)
  • Monica's personal branding advice to people in organisations (24:30)

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