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SDP 024 Operate at a higher frequency
Special thanks to "Unveil the Strength" for use of the song "Hells Never Over",
Welcome to the socially disabled veterans podcast Episode #024

On this show I discuss self-care strategies that will get you operating at a higher frequency

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– Norman Vincent Peale , Wrote the “the power of positive thinking”

Change your thoughts and you change your world

here is your Mantra for the week. DO BETTER


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· Negativity bias is a survival mechanism.

· Winners don’t cause losers. Winners create more winners

· One man is rich another is poor, neither is to blame for the other Havamal 75

· The world is immeasurable abundance. Scarcity of resources is just a BS narrative.

· Change your personal narrative

· Turn off the damn news

· Don’t stress what is beyond your control

· Emotion is the death of reason, mindfulness is the antidote

· Mindfulness breeds curiosity

· Let the environment be, be aware of it and let it go.

· Observe, Orient, Decide, Act, OODA loop

· Shots downrange, let them go and take another shot

· Stop and re focus on the next event

· 47% of our waking ours we are not paying attention and attention to the moment increases our well being

· Neuroplasticity (brain changes through growth and reorganization) the more we do or think the better we become at it. The more you worry the better you get at it.

· Acknowledge the world events, re focus and let them go, focus on making your next steps better.

· Challenge yourself by learning something new.

· Learning new skills actually combats anxiety and depression.

· All anxiety is anticipatory and while you are focusing on learning something new you cant anticipate the same way that do in other environments.

· Think about the labels that you put on yourself and re write them


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