Eat This Food to Decrease Social Anxiety! - Episode 36


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It seems like every day I go on Instagram and see the wackiest health claims like if you eat 30 cucumbers you will destroy cancer in 2 days or if you drink 65 cups of green tea it will prevent you from getting COVID.
It can be hard to sort through what’s real and what’s fake.
It can be even harder deciding what you should do about it considering your complex lifestyle and the fog of malicious marketing.
Which is why I believe in learning how to decipher the latest science and seeing results in my own life and people I work with…
While there are many kinds of foods, vitamins, compounds, etc I could write an entire book on how to care for your mental health with nutrition.
Here is evidence science-based research when it specifically comes to social anxiety!
Check out my step by step, day by day, 45-day 9-week affordable online course to rewire your mind and transform social anxiety - 🔥🧠💪
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