#198: 2021 Year in Review


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It's a star-studded eleganza extravaganza, featuring your two least-favourite SVWAG hosts giving you an incomplete capsule summary of a terrible year of great games. Of course, they neglected to play That One Game, of course, which means that all their observations are utterly useless, but how does that differentiate this episode from any other? This offering is more classy, however, as in a concession to the glitz and glamour of end-of-year shows, both hosts begrudgingly and uncharacteristically wear pants.
(You might be asking--is that "pants" in the British sense or the Canadian sense? The answer is yes.)
Games Played Last Week:
02:50 -Fossilis (David Alberto Diaz, Kids Table BG, 2020)
05:07 -In Too Deep (Josh Cappel & Daryl Chow, Burnt Island Games, 2021)
10:17 -French Toast (Uncredited, Blue Beard Entertainment, 2021)
12:06 -Magnate: The First City (James Naylor, Naylor Games, 2021)
18:02 -Corrosion (Stefan Bauer, Capstone Games, 2021)
20:35 -G.I. JOE Deck-Building Game (T.C. Petty III, Renegade Game Studios, 2021)
24:18 -Uprising: Curse of the Last Emperor (Cornelius Cremin, Pawel Mazur, & Dirk Sommer, Nemesis.Games, 2021)
29:46 -Monstrology (Andy Lubershane, Middle Brain Games, 2017)
33:06 -Conquest & Consequence (Craig Besinque, GMT Games, 2021)
35:59 Personal Top 10s
58:07 SVWAG Game of the Year
1:08:48 Special Categories
1:25:37 SVWAG Presents Masterpiece Theatre Year in Review

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